Restaurant Pizzería Lugano

His specialty is based on pizzas, pastas premium and the freshness of their dishes. Without underestimating their meat and fish.


Our specialties




Our pizzas are made in the wood oven. Since it is more labourious, only a few restaurants use this method because they have to keep the oven at a certain temperature checking constantly the flame and the amount of wood. But the effort is worth it: the taste and texture achieved are difficult to match using more modern systems.


You can find us just a few meters away from the commercial port and promenade. We are located in the fishermen's quarter, known for its quaint narrow streets, squares, bars with terraces and the authentic Mediterranean flavor.


The Restaurant Lugano is open throughout the year. During the less hot months, Denia continues to offer endless possibilities that allow you to enjoy the city without large crowds of visitors. Denia's finest restaurants are open all year round, so you can come enjoy our culinary offerings.


We offer catering services, business meals and other events. We adapt our menus and prices to suit the client. You can call or contact us by mail for more information.